Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows XP,7,8)

WhatsApp for PC is a totally great new idea! A lot of people out there are wondering what to do with this WhatsApp application. Ok! You may not have heard of this app before but we will tell you more about the app here. We will tell you all its features and what you can do with the app.

Install Whatsapp On PC

To date we have people who are addicted to using this app on daily basis. If you are interested to know how to use this app, we will provide you with a complete guide of ways to download whatsapp on PC for free and use the app.   WhatsApp Messenger is used on all Smartphone which are 4 to 5 inches. We invite you to join the club and be part of ever growing WhatsApp family.

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If you are a person who has a PC, you need to know that you can have different applications. The good news is that, we have WhatsApp for PC or Computer. You do not need to have an iOS, Android and Blackberry to get the app. Get the comfort of using WhatsApp for PC at home. Well, with technological innovations, the answer to have all your friends connected is through WhatsApp. I would not like to keep you waiting any longer. I would like you to start using the app just as soon as possible.

Click Here for WhatsApp on PC

Make sure you correctly follow the instruction lined down here. Download for free WhatsApp for PC!

Download Whats App for Windows 8

Whatsapp for PC

Ways to get WhatsApp for Android [Tutorial]

A complete guide for you. Here we have two different modes to download WhatsApp for PC. This tutorial is simple and you may use any of these methods below. Both modes are easy methods and it depends on your preference.

  • Use BlueStacks and get to install WhatsApp for PC
  • Use WassApp and get to install WhatsApp  on PC without Bluestacks

Mode 1: Use BlueStacks and get to install WhatsApp for PC

Get to use BlueStacks which is an Android emulator which lets us download and install majority of Android apps on PC. BlueStacks can only be used on PC and not on any other Android gadget. Ensure that you use most of this emulator since it works well. The good thing is that with a MAC, you can also use BlueStacks. Use BlueStacks to download WhatsApp on Window XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

Point 1: Download BlueStacks then install it directly to your computer.

Point 2:  After completing installation process. Go to BlueStacks and, you will see a screen showing a welcoming message. You will also see the top 25 app.

Point 3: Navigate to see downloaded apps. These apps are downloaded by default.

Point 4: Go to search on the screen. Here input the word “WhatsApp”

Point 5: Go to search bar, type WhatsApp for PC. The keyword will be searched in Amazon App store, One Mobile and Google Play by the search engine.

Point 6: From the One Mobile select WhatsApp Messenger. Go to WhatsApp Messenger n the screen and next click install. After you clicked install, BlueStacks will automatically download WhatsApp for you. This process takes 2 or 3 minutes.

Point 7: Here you are one step behind before you configure WhatsApp account. Get to “My Apps” and check for WhatsApp Messenger. If you download correctly, you will be able to locate it.

Point 8: Go to WhatsApp Messenger and press Agree button. This will show that you agree with terms and conditions of using WhatsApp.

Point 9: Before you click OK, type in your nation of origin and your mobile number.

Point 10: Here you will receive voice verification or a text message. You will be required to input the code that you receive from WhatsApp Messenger.

There you go! You are completely done with the simple installation process on the PC. Now you have WhatsApp for PC and you can now use it directly from where you are. Chat with all your friends and send pictures. WhatsApp for PC can be used to send text messages faster than ever.

Mode 2: Use WassApp and get to install WhatsApp  on PC without Bluestacks

An unofficial client of WhatsApp is WassApp. It is a low level studio client. It has worked well just like BlueStacks on Window iOS. If you cannot use Android emulator, it will be a good idea to use WassApp instead.

WhatsApp Messenger for Windows 7

The WassApp is the best option so far if you like lighter software. I like to use WassApp since I have has issues with BlueStacks since it at times freezes whenever you are using PC which has low configuration. WassApp is quite simple with all systems configurations. So both BlueStacks and WassApp can be used to get WhatsApp on PC. The difference is that with low configurations it’s advisable to use WassApp.

Download WassApp

Point 1: While downloading WhatsApp on PC, you need to have a stable internet connection. WhatsApp is about 11MB. Download and install the whole package from HERE. When the program starts, you will have two options to pick from. First, login with your account. You will be required to register with a new account. If you are using WhatsApp, just login with your number and password.

Point 2: Press the Register button. This is the initial process of getting a new account if, you are a new member in WhatsApp messenger. 

install whatsapp on pc

Point 3: Enter your correct phone number and password.

All Android mobiles, may use the IMEI number as the password. The IMEI number is the number which is used to register your phone during purchase.

Use MAC Wi-Fi address as a password. This criterion applies to all MAC users.

install whatsapp on pc

Point 4:  After you have input all specific details, click request code button. Then choose the method of verification. We have two methods of verification which include: phone call or SMS.

Point 5: You will receive a unique code from WassApp. Enter the code and then you receive another password which is auto- generated. Use the auto generated password to log in to your account.

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Believe me, after following these points correctly, you will have successfully installed WhatsApp on PC or Computer! The second method is when you are using WassApp unofficial client. Then your PC will have streaming chat window after you have completed into WhatsApp on PC for client. If you have checked the user interface for WhatsApp on PC(Windows 7 and Mac OS X Computer), you will notice the difference. The graphic user interface on PC is so intuitive and appealing to almost everyone. However, it has all features just like any Android mobile phone. It has group chats and smileys.

You can also check your share history, broadcast messages, share all the photos you want, you can save photos that you have received, create backup of WhatsApp chats and many more. Whenever the software is operating, you will receive all your notifications.

Download Whatsapp For PC Free

Getting WhatsApp for PC is as easy as that. There are no more hassles once you have downloaded and installed the app.  The process can be done within 10 to 15 minutes. Chat with your friends all over the world. Send and receive pictures at ease.  Let me receive your comments via the comment box. We would like to know if the app worked well. Tell us which method you used and if it was efficient to free download whatsapp for pc


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