Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Fix for Windows 7/XP/Vista


Windows explorer has stopped working what do I do? Is this your question today? We are going to answer it in the right way. This has been one of the issues which many people struggle with when it happens. When it happens at the first time you may never understand what it is all about and where it is coming from. Some people think that their Windows installed on their PC are not genuine thereby tending to change them.

Windows explorer has stopped working Help!

Though it might help you in a way, you need to know first what it is and what caused it to happen. So, do not rush to making a decision which may take much of your time. We are going to give you the causes of Windows explorer has stopped working causes below.

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Fix for Windows 7/XP/Vista

Causes Of Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

  • Some programs might be corrupted in your PC system thereby causing this error.
  • Your computer might be affected with spyware, virus or malware
  • RAM might have some problems.
  • Some of your drivers might be outdated and need to be replaced with the latest updates.

All these cause of Windows has stopped working can happen in Windows 7, XP and Vista. So if these are the causes, what is the solution? It is very easy and you should apply it in case this problem comes to you. Follow me below as I give you these Windows explorer has stopped working solution solver.

Solving Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

1.      Check The Corrupt Programs

As we said earlier Windows explorer has stopped working can happen if any of the installed programs is corrupt. So, what you need to do is check the corrupt programs by opening the start menu and clicking on the ‘run’. After that type in msconfig and run it. On the startup button you will find programs which are not necessary. Uncheck the corrupt file and enter ok. This problem could also occur after you install a certain program especially if it was not correctly installed. What you need to do is go to the control panel and then to programs. Check on it and click to uninstall from your PC.

2.      Scan Your Computer

This is a simple task which you could use in order to fix this Windows explorer error. So what you need to do is open your installed antivirus and run a scan. You can scan the whole system in this case. This step should not be ignored at any point. If in case you do not trust the antivirus you are using or rather it is outdated, then purchase another one or get a free strong copy which will help you scan for viruses, spyware, malware and Trojan. This will help you solve the whole problem.

3.      Test Your PC RAM Memory

This is also called Windows memory diagnostics and it is found on Windows 7 and XP. If you happen to notice such a problem as Windows has stopped working, go on the memory modules to check for problems. So, go to the control panel and check on classic view and there you will find Windows memory diagnostics. Here you will be able to find the problem which is on the RAM and fix it once you open Windows once again.

4.      Update Video Drivers

The problem with videos update can cause Windows explorer has stopped working error. If this be the case, go to your start menu and type in Windows update. After it opens go to the optional updates where you will find hardware drivers. Update them and you will be done. Another way is by going to the support site of the manufacturer of your drivers to update them by downloading the compatible drivers. This will be helpful in solving this problem.

5.      Stop UAC

This is applicable to all users of Vista Windows. Windows explorer error which makes it stop working has been associated with UAC when it is enabled. That is it is important for you to put it off.

6.      Check And Fix  Firefox Add-Ons

Did you know Firefox add-ons can cause Windows explorer to stop working? It has been discovered that this can cause Windows explorer.exe to crash. If you enabled any add-ons, it is high time you disable them all. This will help solve the whole issue.

Windows Explorer has stopped working

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Now you know where to turn to when you encounter Windows explorer error. It is just simple and it doesn’t require much knowledge and you do not need to be an IT expert to solve this problem. And there is an open source which is helpful and that is online. Many experts are offering their knowledge which they have proved to be true. And we have also done it today to help you. Windows explorer has stopped working for Windows 7, Vista and XP can now be solved.


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